Kristina NGuyen

Kristina Nguyen first trained in making art by practicing observing art. Self-taught, it is in watching other artists work, by contemplating their art work in museums, by traveling around the world and by reading History that she slowly learned to make art. The city, this bed for drama and human emotions, the nerve centre of modern society, is the main theme of the artist's compositions. Energy, speed, solitude and love come together and get lost as they combine their flows.

Kristina Nguyen varies her techniques in order to create diverse effects. She uses the knife, paintbrush and her fingers in order to apply paint. She sometimes adds solvent in order to dilute it and create a "water paint" effect, and alternates the layers of thickness and transparency in order to obtain a better contrast. The aquatic element is ubiquitous in the artist's paintings; rain and umbrellas come together to support the fluidity of the painting and the lightness of the compositions, despite the energy and density of the work.

She recreates the stories she draws from the big cities she has visited: New York, Hong Kong or Buenos Aires, the artist organises her work in series. Kristina Nguyen characterises her work as impressionism or "umbrella impressionism" to use the expression of a Ukrainian art critic and often hides the faces of the characters in her paintings. They are hidden under the umbrellas, caught up in the rhythm of the city, and together they carry out the choreography of life.