As an art student, Chrislen discovered Expressionism, and saw something of herself in the desire to let emotion shape reality. The influence of masters like Egon Schiele and Lucian Freud are with her to this very day.

Having worked as an artist for twenty years, she lets herself takes some unexpected detours, like working for a short period on the representation of animals. Armed with new knowledge, she then dedicates herself to her first passion: the depiction of the body. Fascinated by the complementarity between body and soul, she seeks to show the truth of her models, looking for the mysterious alchemy created by the beauty of the artwork and the very human defects of the subjects.

Working with numerous layers of acrylic paint mixed with inks, charcoal and pastels, she crafts rich textures that evoke memories and the passing of time. Thanks to a few details depicted very realistically, she creates proximity between the model and the spectator, before enveloping this newfound intimacy in hazes that free her gesture and let it fill with emotion. She particularly loves the softness and sensuality of the female body, and dresses it in dark colours and bright sparks. Her subjects, always situated a little bit above the spectator, look down with frankness on the people who watch them, transforming the relationship and giving a glimpse of the strength of the soul behind the fragility of the body.

Today, she continues her artistic research by collaborating with a photographer on some ‘clichés-verre’, a mix between drawing and silver print.