Cécile DeReZ has been a painter for the past 35 years and has held exhibitions in her workshop in Fayence and in galleries all around the world. 

She uses this quote by Confucius to capture her artistic pursuits: "Whoever understands that which is new by breathing life back into the old may become a master" She is passionate about "primitive" art, whether it is from Medieval Europe, India or Africa. Prehistoric cave painters are also a great source of inspiration for her and she says she is drawn to the birth of civilisations, those moments in history when the artistic act is almost an act of magic. The return to a kind of childhood of humanity gives her a natural affinity with cubism, from which complex works borrow their meticulous construction. Her talents as a colourist and the irresistible movement of her characters also recall the expressionism or Provençal fauves. Her work aspires to be a link between different periods, a mix of influences as well as between visual techniques that seek to make their way to the heart and to rediscover fundamental emotions. Playfulness and wonder are also indispensable to her artistic practice, and she uses many different techniques such as acrylic, collages, and stamps. The encounter between different and unexpected elements creates poetry and makes it possibly for her deeply accomplished works to retain a certain spontaneity. Her works are much sought after by private collectors in France and in the rest of the world. They are rich in emotions and serve as an invitation to travel in time, space and in the collective unconscious.