Catalo Rémi

The thing that captures all of Rémi Catalo's work is, paradoxically, a quest for diversity. The artist runs from "monotony and easy art" in order to constantly reinvent his painting. He refuses to be locked into a particular theme, and yet one finds in his work a constant in the way that he processes materials.

His sculpture-paintings resemble contemporary bas-reliefs and display geometrical shapes that are mineral, plant-like or organic. At times, some of his compositions resemble constructions in which the silhouette is cut out of an urban landscape. Mostly, one finds crystals, rocks or colourful rock formations. Working with acrylic paint on Styrofoam, the artist, much like an alchemist, observes the reactions of his materials and welcomes the -at times- random dimension of their transformation.

He then uses scalpels, box cutters, heat guns and various diluents to dig into the material and form the desired shape, drawing the final shape in the relief that the paint will then come to cover. "Actually, I do the opposite of painters who give more matter by way of the thickness of the paint. I work on the relief of my painting and then I apply paint on top of it." Rémi Catalo is a passionate artist and explores the shapes that surround him in order to recreate them with his imagination and in a playful way, like a child who might feel compelled to build a house of cards."