Dussac Thierry

 Art has always been Thierry Dussac's primary means of communication. As a child, he compensated for his difficulty in expressing himself by drawing and spent his childhood experimenting with all the techniques presented in a precious book on oil painting, one by one. After spending several years making copies (especially of the painter Gérôme) and undertaking a myriad of other punctual projects, he focused on more personal work. In 2007, he surprised everyone by arriving at the MACparis fair with three immense and masterful canvases.

With an assured stroke of the brush, he makes profuse canvases that enable him to express a tormented inner life.  For example, he made a long series of portraits of his daughter, born with a hip dislocation. For a year, he painted her little body stuck in a medical harness. It was a series that began with very hard canvases and slowly progressed towards light and healing. 

His life suddenly changed in 2014 when a car accident caused him to partially lose the function of his right arm. After a long period of healing, he slowly went back to work but he had to learn to work with his left hand. Much like Alice in Wonderland, which was the inspiration for one of his recent series, he said he "went through the looking glass".  Everything was upside down: he reinvented his gestures and discovered a new kind of energy. He chose new subjects that were lighter and almost frivolous.  More bulimic for work than ever, he organises his days around his children and paints as soon as he is alone.  Today, he raises his paintings with gold leaf, like a "new colour" that has appeared in his universe, and discovers a certain serenity in his works that are ever more teaming with life.