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A trained graphic designer, Dire is an all-rounder who works in film, fashion, music… However, it was on the urban scene that he blossomed as an artist. He initially developed in the world of graffiti before joining the Street Art movement and turning towards a path as a poster designer. He then began producing large portraits on brown paper, which he stuck on city walls. This new choice of support was a real turning point in his approach and enabled him to develop his production on canvas. He quickly abandoned traditional techniques such as Indian inks and wash drawing to return to graffiti tools: aerosol cans and felt-tip markers. Thanks to these techniques, his works conserve a strong identity that he works on in the street, for galleries or public performances.

Often monochrome, dynamic and contrasted, his work has been directly compared to art brut. Dire’s works take their inspiration from life, sometimes tainted by a demanding political aspect, such as his project, “It’s the credit crunch, let’s eat pasta”.

Today, it is through female characters that he brings gentleness to the places he invests in. Initially wary of the discriminating image of women in the world of graffiti, he decided to embrace this subject in order to combat the clichés and reinvent its place in urban art. His signature, little scavenger insects that he slips into his portraits, evoke both the ephemeral side of beauty and the timelessness of his works at the same time.