Nathalie Junis’s pseudonym – Art DMP – represents the union of the three essential arts in her practice: Dance, Music and Painting. This conjugated trio defines her work; each art nourishes another to create a complete and harmonious work. As such, the artist paints to music and she dances to stimulate her creative ideas.

She began painting for the first time completely naturally after attending a salsa concert. The frantic rhythm of the music gave birth to her desire for improvisation on canvas. A series of paintings on the subject of Cuban music would thus come about and a relationship formed between dance and painting, which would become unbreakable with time. Acrylics remain the artist’s favoured technique. Its quick drying time gives the painting a dynamic temporality, similar to dance. Painting therefore becomes choreography.

Always dancing and always listening to music, the artist thus widens her horizons. In Paris, she started playing the piano again at the same as she discovered poscas, and she decided to expand the field of possibilities by producing her first mural frescos. Then, Art DMP encountered new inspirations with portraits. Whether it’s close or faraway friends, strangers she crossed in the street, the artist chooses them for the strength and intensity of their expression, but also for their fragility and what it tells us about the contradictions in the world. Her warm colours therefore explode like fireworks that bring back together all senses.