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Born into a creatively inclined family, Marie-Thérèse developed her own aptitude by enrolling, already as a teenager, in evening classes at the Fine Arts School in Grenoble. There she discovered many techniques and tools used for drawing and began learning to sketch live models.

She also has a great interest in interior decorating and design and honed her skills and knowledge by diversifying and acquiring much experience. In this way, she went from making technical drawings to magazines and architecture firms to performing demonstrations for specialized materials for major Fine Arts retailers. For three years, she created an organisation in Lyon aimed to enhance access to culture, before becoming a full time teacher in visual arts. She has always been driven by a double love for social and cultural affairs and offered training and information sessions for marginalised people.

Her passion for painting was confirmed in the beginning of the 2000s. Marie-Thérèse then began to make pictorial works while continuing to teach classes and to increase her own knowledge by taking various classes - cultural mediation in Lyon and art therapy in Tours-. Using mixed techniques, the artist adopts collage to sculpt her support before using acrylic paint and oil paint to depict her subject. Drawing models is at the heart of her process, which is devoted entirely to the pictorial action and which gives her freedom and pleasure. “Without forgetting it altogether, I put techniques to the sides in order to focus on the expressivity and emotional feelings."