Annabelle Delage

After receiving her baccalaureate in Visual Arts, Annabelle Delage has been working for the past few years as a painter in stage design. In 2005 she created the atelier "Terre de Sienne" in Clermont-Ferrand and became passionate about teaching, thereby sharing her passion for art with a wide variety of people.

She is always busy and finds balance by setting aside several hours each day to paint. These moments of solitude are an opportunity for her to focus on her artistic process and to find her voice in the whirlwind of creativity that surrounds her each day. As she likes to have a hand in everything, she explores art from the figurative to the abstract, delves into graffiti and creates art using papier-mâché and metal wires... She considers herself to be more of a plastic artist than a painter and learns from her many experiments. 

Emotions are at the heart of her work and she is most devoted to expressing them in her colourful and fascinating portraits.  She paints many faces of women, in a dreamlike and aerial universe. Then, as time passes, these "women-infants" evolve and begin to impose themselves, becoming stronger and more determined. Her works contain humour: a character winks at the viewer, another shoots them a glance that is full of malice. She is inspired by the colours and curves of Hundertwasser as well as by sculptures by Nikki de Saint Phalle. She chooses harmonies among flamboyant colours, works with clumps of acrylic paint, using a knife to obtain the rich textures and bedecks her works with sinewy lines that make it possible for her to reach the perfect balance between form and colours.  All of her creative energy comes through to the viewer through her canvases that are both crude and delicate.