Carine Chevieux

When Carine Teoli Chevieux was 8 years old she was given a set of oil paints for Christmas...By mistake. She spent hours playing with this unexpected treasure, without knowing how to use it but still experiencing great joy. Her work will always be marked by the amazement she felt and she compares the research she does as a self-taught artist to the discoveries made by the first prehistoric men, a time that she is fascinated by. Her works are untamed, rich in pigmentation and textures and are like a contemporary echo of caves paintings. As her work matures, she also moves further and further away from the reassuring and constraining limitations of figuration, and devotes herself to abstraction with passion. Her freedom as an artist contrasts in every way with the constraints of her professional setting (she works in social welfare groups), and this opposition fuels her creative energy.

She develops her own techniques, mixes paint with sand, plays with contrasts between different grains and thickens the texture of her painting using oil paint sticks. She works on her canvases placing them on a flat surface and begins by sculpting the materials before applying colours. She is very sensitive and believes that her best canvases were born out of a certain emotional urgency. She finds inspiration in an event in her life, a current affair, music, etc. and throws herself into her work with speed and spontaneity, leaving no room for doubt. She remembers an evening in November when she felt a great need to work on a raw canvas, stained with red. It was only later that she learned of the tragic events that were taking place in Paris at the same time.

Today, she plans to have others benefit from her knowledge and sensitivity by studying art therapy.