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Ahmet Suna

Ahmet graduated from the Fine Arts School of the University of Uludag in Turkey, and was "taken under the wing, as a young boy, by a couple of drawing teachers who played a considerable role in developing [his] imagination." Having been submerged since childhood in an environment that is entirely turned towards the continual enrichment of creativity, Ahmet naturally chose to devote his life to his artistic practice. He opened his first atelier in 2003 in the city of Mersin, in Turkey and then moved to France eight years later to settle there.

Ahmet is passionate about the act of painting in itself, and approaches his medium with fever and determination. In this way, the painter projects his emotions onto the canvas, without making any sketches ahead of time, in order to leave free expression to the shapes and textures.  Using a spatula and paint brushes, he makes impressive compositions that are intuitive and sensitive and that reference many themes that are dear to him, such as life – at sea in particular – nature and landscapes. Ahmet enjoys the flexibility and swiftness of execution that acrylic paint offers and he interprets and arranges innumerable creatures, architectural elements and other realist subjects or projections of his spirit on his canvas, in audacious plays on volume and perspective.

Ahmet's works are always bathed in light and full of relatively intense colours. They invite us to enter a dream world, beyond fantasy, in which spirituality seems to come into contact with our own reality.