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Pierrick Tual

Pierrick worked as an upholsterer for seven years and then took on several positions in companies before choosing to devote himself to making paintings at the end of the 1980s. The artist is from Nantes and is very attached to his region and its coasts, which offer constant inspiration. He has been creating canvases since childhood and had his first exhibition at the age of 13.  Since then, he has kept making paintings and showing his work.

He started out as a water colourist but his style truly took shape when he started to use oil paint applied with a spatula. Pierrick is very fond of the technique for making stained glass - especially its characteristics, which are colour, light and transparency - and has therefore conducted most of his research with this in mind. He also puts the focus on Cubism and it is "based on all of these elements that his writing came to be". Pierrick's works, given on the resolutely honest tones that bring out the artist's optimism, reveal many facets of a dynamic and expressive world.

The notion of contrast is at the heart of his process.  Because the act of painting for Pierrick is synonymous with an on-going challenge to be creative, he is constantly looking to reinforce his techniques in order to push his artistic abilities always further. In this way, in an effort to offer the viewer a painting that is always being renewed, open to the "freedom of senses, imagination and feelings", the painter now works on abstract paintings, in addition to his figurative work.