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Katya-Anna Taguti

Daughter of the Russian painter Yakov Kozlov (1918-2015), Katya-Anna benefitted immensely from his teachings and expertise during her childhood days, before enrolling at the Moscow Academy of Arts to learn painting techniques. While developing her painting technique, she also worked for several years in video production and installation of objects. She became a member of the Moscow Artists’ Union two years later after obtaining her degree in 1982.

Staying at her father’s bedside for 8 consecutive years, the young artist had to adapt her artistic work to the material, spatial and temporal constraints of their situation. Thus, during this period, Katya-Anna focused the bulk of her activity on drawing, a discipline which does not involve using chemical products and can be done on any type of material. Conditioned by a restrictive environment, her graphic work gradually asserted itself with passion and intensity, and resulted in a work marked with infinite softness, combined with a latent gravity.

Never seen without her drawing charcoal, pencils and red chalks, Katya-Anna made several studies and portraits, on canvas as well as on paper, which she sometimes like to embellish using a gold leaf, silver or gypsum. Adept at using combined techniques – and more specifically at making collages which she does regularly as a visual metaphor for our constantly evolving society - she plays with superpositions of materials to give body and substance to her subjects. Even though Katya-Anna’s work is deeply introspective, it has flourished with experimentation, constantly enriched through what she reads, where she travels and the cultures she explores.

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