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Antoinette Carniato

Antoinette Carniato has developed her imaginary world since she was a child. At her grandmother’s house in Normandy, she learnt to love drawing and developing her inner world. With her aunt, she cultivated her taste for pictures, inventions and literature. Having studied painting at the Fine Art workshops in Paris, she studied graphics, poster creation and decorative drawing in parallel.

Thanks to her applied technique, the artist produces imaginary landscapes with fictional allures. Flowing and vibrant, horses or people cross them, leaving trails of colours behind them. Painting “from pure imagination”, using the artist’s own expression, she creates compositions whose aerial forms have an abstract tendency. The watercolours that she always produced grant her great freedom to create because of the unique mix of water with the pigments. Acrylics on the other hand allow her to work the material with its thickness and density. Its short drying time also enables the artist to multiply the layers and sensations.

Using a knife or a paintbrush, Antoinette Carniato attempts to reconcile colour, material and poetry and to apply their interaction onto the canvas. This alchemy, from which the artist draws on the strength of Zao Wou Ki or even William Turner, is the basis of all creation and produces the harmony, the richness and the fluidity of her paintings transported by time.