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Malin Ostlund

The Swedish artist Malin Östlund's desire to create is absolute. Trained in drawing and succumbing first to her passion for gardening, plants and flowers, she became interested in landscaping early on. The artist draws her energy from all the nature that surrounds her and decides, after several years, to devote herself entirely to art.

Her painting, that is mostly acrylic, mixes luminous colours with voluptuous shapes and sketches a positive universe steeped in joy and harmony. "My creative universe is made of a single thought that is open, beautiful and devoid of darkness. I run away from reality and hide in an imaginary world of colours that is marvellous and in which dreams come true, and every story has a happy ending." As she attempts to capture and translate the emotions and beauty of life, Malin Östlund strives above all to communicate what she feels in her paintings.

The artist gets her inspiration from the material and colours themselves, and lets it materialise with the spontaneity of her gestures. She is intuitive and plays with the effects, textures and tones on the white canvas until she achieves the right emotion and the perfect combination of colours. Layer after layer, the paint, which she applies with paintbrushes, knives or her own hands, builds at the same time as it becomes an expression.

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