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Nermin Alpar

Born in Turkey, in Ankara, Nerminstudied Agricultural Engineeringat universityprior to beingemployedby the Turkish Ministryof Agriculture.After twenty-three years of loyal service, she decided to take early retirementin 2006 in order to learn how to paint with twoteachers.
Having had an interest inpainting since she was in her teens,Nermin had produced pictures thatwere put on display ather school, but she did notreally concentrate on her passionuntil 2004.Female figureshave always beenrecurrentin her work andit wasduring the three yearsthat she spentstudying with GürDalkıran that sherealised howmuch she enjoyedpainting portraits.The next fouryears were devotedto the development of her styleunder theexpert guidance ofDavidUgralidze. In 2013she opened her own studio-gallery "Galeri'N" in her home town, where shecreates and exhibitsher work,whilst also featuringthe work of manyother artists.
In the early stagesNerminmostly painted landscapes, but thenher stylebecame established so thatultimatelyshe went into painting figurativesubjects exclusively.Heracrylics-done oncanvas or paper-are intenselycolourful;the artistic attention given to the detailis deliberately offsetso that it moves towards an assumed abstraction.Inspiredby the works ofPicasso andKlimt, in actual fact her preferenceis for thework of the painterAmedeo Modigliani,whoseinfluence is apparent in the portrayal andpostureof the femalefigures.Delicate, appearing downcast and yet smiling,her portraitsare devoid ofartificeso that nothing is evidentexceptthe subject depicted.