Annanou grew up in St. Jean de Luz and the Basque Country and as a child developed a passion for words. Soon she felt the urge to speak, write and read. As a teenager, she wrote her first lyrics: poems and prose.
As an adult she joined an art school and specialized in communication and graphic design. After graduating, she worked as a graphic designer in a studio in San Sebastian (Spain) for major brands such as Roxy and Quicksilver.
Annanou was a young woman who was curious about everything and full of words. Gradually and spontaneously she added notes of paint and colour to her poems and texts.
She paints in acrylic, watercolour, India ink and sometimes uses silver leaf in her collages, choosing soft, pastel and poetic colours. With this mixture of techniques, she expresses a playful and spontaneous style.
She begins by writing messages: her humorous "coloured truths”. Then she paints characters straight out of her imagination. Round faced and wide-eyed, these apprehensive fellows accompany the thoughts of the artist brilliantly.
She leaves the viewer the choice to enter her inner world. Through her creations she exposes her doubts, questions, fears and desires. Her paintings are logbooks where her words come to life thanks to the people who see them. She speaks (in French and Spanish) of life, love, decisions to be taken, truths...
Annanou draws inspiration from everyday life. She observes, listens and hears conversations, discussions and arguments from which she feeds. She finds phrases and words here and there, and gives them a sense of importance.