Asli was born and raised in the city of Ankara in Turkey. As a girl, she travelled to many countries with her parents who were scientific lecturers. She discovered new cultures and was confronted with other traditions.This openness to the world would forge her character and develop her curiosity.
Her adventure with art began in her youth. At the age of ten, she won a silver medal in an art contest for children (Shankar's International Children's Competition). From 1988 to 1994, she studied Industrial Design at METU (Middle East Technical University) and graphic design at Bilkent University in Ankara. Her end of study project was awarded a prize at the "Pari Packaging" event in Paris. In 1996, she founded her own design agency and participated in various projects by creating product lines for the automotive and textile industries... She left this activity in 2007 to become a full time artist. Since then she has exhibited throughout the world (New York, Toronto, London, Brussels, Florence...)
Asli is a young, dynamic and modern woman in tune with the times. She loves literature, music, photography and cinema. She has a great interest in history and cultural diversity. A complete artist, she has mastered several techniques (sculpture, welding, painting). Her artistic sensibility tends towards Art Nouveau aesthetics. In her works, the artist celebrates women in all her beauty and seduction. The symbolism of the cigarette serves to assert her femininity in a culture where the role of women remains a sensitive issue. Asli’s art bears the trace of her former profession. With a subtle play of transparency, the artist sketches her figures in black before highlighting them with bright colours (yellow, pink, orange...). Her elegant portraits are reminiscent of sketches of Parisian haute couture. With the choice of accessories (lace veil, polka dots, pearl necklace, cloche hat), they recall the Roaring Twenties fashions and the style of Coco Chanel (French dressmaker, twentieth century).