Estelle Barbet

It was through family trips during her adolescence that Estelle discovered and fed a growing interest in the arts and culture. These numerous explorations would provoke a curiosity associated with a contemplation that would prove to be decisive in the production of her artistic work. Combined with her dual passion for drawing and painting, Estelle began producing from a very young age whilst regularly participating in competitions.
Having pursued secondary studies oriented towards teaching the arts and literature, Estelle began higher studies in tourism in Grenoble. However, deeply attached to the world of art and appreciative of the talent of her predecessors, she would always maintain a great appetence for pictorial exhibitions.
Set up in 2010 in the commune of Lansargues in the Languedoc Roussillon region, it was during a visit to the 10th Salon des Arts that Estelle decided to throw herself back into creation with the aim of presenting herself at the next edition. Thus, since 2013, the painter has dedicated herself full time to producing her works and affirming her practice.
Not seeking to limit herself to one aesthetic or one movement in particular, Estelle designs canvases that are just as figurative as they are abstract depending on her desires and projects in which she would like to invest herself. Oil painting is essentially used to elaborate portraits whilst acrylics would be reserved for the production of abstract works. Using all types of utensils, the artist is continually experimenting and exploring the pictorial material in its graphic and chromatic diversity.