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Elisa Begani

Elisa has been drawing since she was a child. As soon as her hands were not busy with an ordinary activity, she devoted herself to her pleasure, and naturally she turned towards artistic studies.
When she finished her education, she opened her first workshop in her hometown, where she produced and sold her works. She then moved to the countryside where the surrounding nature offered her more comfort to practise her painting.
Principally using oil or acrylic on paper, Elisa likes mixing techniques and materials, and introduces more and more collages into her compositions. Her nude drawing classes left their mark on her a lot at the time, and even now, she is inspired by them in her pictorial research which is essentially centred around the female form. Nevertheless, other subjects concern her, as is the case of the Albacin neighbourhood in Granada, where she lived for a year. It is the subject of many of her works, including a travel notebook dedicated to it.
However, women remain at the centre of her artistic preoccupations. Working from photographs of herself, her friends, images taken from magazines or the Internet, Elisa examines the female body and, in particular, invites the spectator to observe the “hidden” details of female intimacy. The artist’s interest is focussed on the search for an “emotional beauty”, specific to certain women, who free themselves from the photographic support. Both sensual and naïve at the same time, their presence haunts Elisa’s evocative works, whether they are represented in their entirety, through one detail or their only costumes.