Alan Berg

Self-taught, Alan has been passionate about photography and painting since he was a teenager. Nevertheless, he would perform many different professional activities before dedicating himself fully and completely to his art.
Starting with his personal photographs that he combines with collages with both international icons – his favourite celebrities are Steve McQueen, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe, amongst others – and many very famous animated characters that the American audio-visual world is packed with – comics, cartoons, etc. – the artist thus creates a scene with popular imagery that he reinterprets according to his own feelings.
Strongly marked by his travels, and in particular, his many stays in the United States, his paintings allow us to see fragments of the artist’s memories that reproduce America in the 1960s with verve.
Working at the beginning from oil painting associated with various collages taken from magazines, Alan would later push his artistic exploration towards the practice of numerical art and would become interested more specifically in digigraphy. This technique allows him to produce great photographic prints on canvas that he then enhances with acrylic paint and other various techniques. The IT tools, image-retouching software, would also bring him a terrific range of possibilities.
The richness of these technological processes combined with the abundance of visual and graphic objects would give birth to an art strongly inspired by Pop Art – whose principal representatives, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, he would visit in person – which offers spectators the chance to immerse themselves completely in the atmosphere of New York City that is so distinctive.