Leslie Berthet Laval

Painting has always been omnipresent in Leslie’s life. The artist from Isère created her first painting at the age of 3. Less than 10 years later, she had already completed her first commission. Drawing is her true skill, even if her talents are also expressed through decoration. In 1996 Leslie earned a degree in interior architecture. She has worked in art restoration for prestigious historic monuments such as the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon. Leslie also led a career as a self-taught artist in parallel to her work, exhibiting at international events such as the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.
On her canvases the artist expresses her taste for curves and perspectives. Her work, particularly inspired by the expressionist school, is imbued with freshness, youth and femininity. Leslie’s creative spirit and her appetite for challenges have led her to explore varied techniques and themes. Reflections of contemporary society, her "marine cities", for example, allow her to discuss ecological news: global warming, nuclear power, etc.. She puts aesthetics at the exclusive service of emotion.
Leslie’s universe is governed by balance. She succeeds in suggesting movement without agitation. Her colours are strong but never aggressive. Her palette, dominated by blue, green and red, is worked with brush and knife. The painter does not hesitate to question herself, even when performing art in public. She has created a show with an original process: emptying syringes filled with paint directly onto the canvas. Absorbed by her art, she plays, and unpretentiously gives free rein to her instinct. The artist becomes the small three year old girl who painted and plunges into an imagination without orders.

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