Flore Betty

Having always been interested in pictorial creation, Flore was educated at the École des Beaux-Arts d’Orléans and pursued two specialisations before beginning her career as an independent décor painter. Today, she has chosen to turn her back definitively on construction sites to dedicate herself exclusively to her painting.
Very attached to the world of the “Roaring Twenties” (1919–1929), the artist has made the female figure from the beginning of the century her subject of choice. As such, when discovering her works, the viewer is plunged into a subtle and soft temporal gap where the artist’s contemporary vision and signature stamp recreate these witnesses of the past in front of our eyes. “[Her] work deals with the timelessness of women. [The artist] notably looks for the poetry and depth of women through portraits – nudes allowing [her] to touch the authentic and universal beauty of women as much as possible.”
Beginning with used printed paper as an indispensable medium for composing her works, Flore reuses documents dating from this era that she cuts into pieces to recover her frames made of canvas, paper or wood. Produced from paint livened up by numerous strokes of different pencils, the modern drawings of women emerge from these newspaper cuttings and scores from the past. Playing with transparency, the artist sometimes makes certain fragments appear on the skin itself of her subjects, as if to link them more closely to the writing, and as such to make the imprint of their first use resurface. This harmonious and subtle mix of materials reinforces this notion of survival and immortality.