Claire Biette

Amazed by the expressive power of colour, Claire trained from a very early age in different painting techniques such as watercolour, pastel or drawing from live models. For three years, she deepened her knowledge at the School of Fine Arts in Nantes. Through the ‘Art Light’ association she has taught drawing and painting to children and adults since the early 2000s, and her personal work is exhibited throughout the Nantes region.
The work and personality of Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist, twentieth century) has inspired Claire in her artistic approach. The Breton painter has embraced a famous maxim of the master, "It is not what we do that is important, it’s what we are." The mother of six children, she draws from her family life, her friendly relations and her spiritual universe, all the necessary ingredients for her painting. The themes she addresses are varied, dreamy and touch on all the areas that give sense to her life.
A harmony of lines is an on-going requirement in Claire’s work. To start with, she begins each of her compositions with a sketch. Then she works on the medium, acrylic paint animating the canvas by giving it movement. In this way shadow and light appear which guide the viewer. The final step is a search for balance between all these elements so that the path is reassuring. The scenes represented by the Breton artist are full of tenderness. Her characters and landscapes convey a message of joy and hope. In her figurative and abstract paintings, Claire evolves in a dimension freed from reality. Her colourful painting offers the imagination a dive into a large sparkling pool, on the border between dreams and reality.