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Josep Bonet Subirats

During his childhood in Barcelona, Josep developed a curiosity for artistic creation. His father was an art fan and the walls of the family home were covered with works that amazed him. As a child, he developed a passion for art until music took over and kept him busy in his teens.
At 21, he returned to his childhood passion for art and joined the Llotja (School of Art and Fashion Design in Barcelona) and specialized in commercial art. Over time his interest in painting increased and from the 2000’s, he decided to devote himself to this passion.
Josep is an observer and feeds on his environment. Any moment is conducive to brainstorming and creation. He likes to contemplate the city and its bystanders which are true inspirations. He depicts car traffic, people sitting together at a cafe or someone crossing a street. He is as interested in the humans as the scenery in these capitals.
On his many trips to Europe and the United States he was fascinated by urban landscapes. The vastness and tumult of New York, the vitality and charm of Amsterdam or Barcelona's bewitching quality; these cities have become his favourite subjects and he enjoys painting emblematic places like Time Square (New York).
Josep relies on his first impressions and draws a clean and decisive line on the canvas. He uses mainly acrylic paints and plays with shapes, colours and light. His figurative style represents a reality distorted and melted by his creative process.
He now has his own studio and participates in many exhibitions in his native region of Catalonia, in the rest of the country and worldwide.