Rosa was born and grew up in Vienna, Austria. Initially, nothing predestined her to art. She attended hotel management school and worked in the hospitably industry for several years in Vienna, London and Geneva. Then, having changed her plans, she began a career as an airhostess for a major German airline, which allowed her to travel around the world and experience all kinds of adventures.
In Frankfurt, she met and worked with Heidi Wagner, an advertising and industrial photographer. In this way Rosa began her artistic activity, discovering an aesthetic sense and developing a certain way of seeing the world. From that moment on, she began capturing the shapes and colours of nature on film during her travels and stays abroad.
When she was 50 years old, she accompanied her husband on a business trip to the island of Crete. A friend sent her a box of oil paints and she began to draw and paint the landscapes all around her. It was a revelation that helped her to decide to make art her profession.
Back in Germany and Austria, Rosa attended seminars and courses at the Art Academy. Through contact with well-known artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Giselbert Hoke, Arnulf Rainer, Sati Zech and Georg Brandner, she learned different techniques. Thanks to these multiple influences, she developed her own pure and intense style and artistic language.
Rosa finds fulfilment in using acrylics on paper, canvas and wood. She multiplies her techniques with chalk, charcoal and oil pastels.
Her works feed heavily on her travels. She seeks to express both the positive and negative; her memories, feelings, joy, pleasure and the energy that is within her. Rosa invites the viewer to let his imagination play and give free rein to his ideas.
Originally self-taught, today she exhibits in numerous galleries and exports her work to major international art fairs.