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Flo Bordenave

As her career as an art teacher testifies, Flo is driven by the pleasure of sharing. Painting and drawing have coloured her life since childhood, as well as music and singing, which have always been present in her daily life. A member of various jazz and rock bands, the protean artist works according to her concert schedule. Having participated in numerous art workshops from 1998 to 2005, a series of meetings and events led her to exhibit her works until painting became her main activity.
In painting as in music, Flo develops a constant dialogue between reality and imagination. As a painter, she is particularly interested in houses as she sees them as places of life and sharing. Her taste for psychoanalysis, her career in contact with children, and the visual arts workshops that she has led since 2012 allow her to maintain her ability to dare to be herself, to dream while understanding the world surrounding her. The artist considers each composition as a story where she takes life apart to better rebuild it. More than just a free space, the canvas is, for her, a vital breath in which time and space make a colourful mix.
Thirsty for technical knowledge, Flo continues to explore new creative terrain. She is particularly sensitive to the works of painters Wassily Kandinsky (Russia, nineteenth-twentieth centuries), Jean-Michel Basquiat (U.S. twentieth century), Paul Klee (Germany, nineteenth-twentieth centuries) or the visual artist Niki de Saint Phalle (France, twentieth century). Flo considers her materials as ingredients for a personal recipe which she simmers with relish. She works in acrylic and oil pastels, which she combines with paper collages and personal photos. These are often the starting point of the creative process, a bridge between the real and the unreal captured when she then ventures forth with scrapings, rubbings, salvage pieces, etc…