Françoise Bossut

Françoise lives and works in Trévoux in the Ain region. She made her debut as an artist in the studio of Suzanne Coutant in Paris in 1963. A graduate of the School of Fine Art in Nancy (1967) and of the School of Modern Art in Paris (1970), she became a window dresser for the cosmetics brand Elisabeth Arden and the Printemps department store in Paris.
In 1986 she decided to share her passion by teaching drawing and painting.
Her career has been marked by significant artistic meetings, particularly with French artist Arlette Le More and the Romanian born French painter Ben Ami Koller (twentieth and twenty-first centuries).
Nature (trees, water…) and the human body provide inexhaustible sources of inspiration, the choice of subject allowing her to surpass a figurative style. Reduced to its purest expression, the depicted subject tips into abstraction. It becomes the pretext for all the artist’s eccentricities. In this way, the unfinished aspect of her works call upon our imagination. Several quick strokes of the brush evoke a vaporous cloud, a mysterious silhouette or the sail of a ship. Colours arise from the vibrations of turbulent movement.
Using mixed media (acrylic, ink, pastel, sand, plaster…), Françoise enjoys combining opposites: hot and cold tones, shadows and light. This game of contrasts is reminiscent of Rembrandt’s mastery of chiaroscuro (Dutch painter, seventeenth century) and the luminosity and colour of JMW Turner (English painter, nineteenth century). The artist also appreciates Giambattista Tiepolo (Venetian painter, eighteenth century) for his subtly of colours and Pablo Picasso Spanish painter, twentieth century) for his modernity.
By blurring the reading of her paintings with a surprising mix of figuration and abstraction, Françoise questions the limits of representation. She proposes a dreamlike vision of the world, pushing the viewer to take refuge in the depths of the soul, to dig beneath the surface.