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Pascal Bouterin

Pascal was born and grew up in Avignon. As a teenager, he was attracted to art. He alternated guitar and drum lessons and began putting together many sketches. He got a taste for working with many materials (clay, white stone) before dedicating himself essentially to painting at about 18 years old. He immediately realised many exhibitions both in France and abroad.
Pascal varies his supports as he paints on wood or canvased paper; he uses charcoal, pastels and oil paints.
His painting has undergone many thematic evolutions. After a stay in Brittany, he began working on the theme of water and the connections between the edge of the beach and the sea. He took pleasure in representing shore and promenade scenes. He tried to paint horizons with the lines of lost villages or sailing boats in the mist. He then increased street and market scenes. He depicted the atmospheres of café terraces, strolling along avenues or tree-lined paths, for which he essentially used charcoal. During a trip to Togo in 2004, Pascal produced a travel journal alongside the Lomé lagoons. He shared a new light in his works and transmitted the warmth of a whole people by painting many everyday scenes.
In recent years, Pascal has exhibited on many occasions in New York and stayed there for several months. He threw himself into a new theme: “urban atmospheres, cables, iron and heights”. His paintings therefore digress from shades of ochre and blue to discover colder tones (grey, green) necessary to convey this new world. His painting nevertheless conserves the softness of the stroke and the finesse of expression that is always situated between abstraction and portrayal.
Pascal pursues a career in jazz (as a drummer), which is a vital artistic supplement to his painting activity.