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Fred Boutet

Born in Bordeaux,Fredstarted out at a very early age as a vineyard workerin his nativeGironde.Self-taught, he has been painting since 2000, dividing his timebetween histwo jobsin order to meethis needsas well asfuel his passion.
Decidedlyabstract to begin with, for some years his painting has been evolving into a morefigurative style, with the main theme beingthe sea. His profound commitmenttosubjects connected withthe sea arose from combining two areas of personal interest: theplace where he livesand the memory ofhis father who wasa sailor.Very much influencedby the many stories his father told,Freddoes indeed present us withthe artist’s visual interpretation of thesetales of sea voyages that were brought back from the four cornersof the globe.
Using strongcolours,his pictures are paintedin acrylics andworkedwith a brush ora knife.Since it is colourand the multipletones contained thereinwhich constitute the essential elementin allthis artist’s compositions, it is through colour that the workdevelops and takes shape. Through his painting technique, the artist is seeking torecreatethe dualities ofstrength and softness,restlessness and calm,which are inherent in anynatural environment.He expresses this contrast, thisphysical rivalry,with themarked useof colours that"clash, mingle and interweaveto culminate in giving the canvas its full depth."
Horizonand seameet andmingle to form just a single elementwhere yachts, the only tangible items from the terrestrial world, arethe sole objects on the water. Timeless and having no specific geographic location, his paintingsseek toconvey theperpetually changing nature of the sea.