Annick Bru

With a grandfather who was an artist, Annick has been immersed in the world of drawing since her childhood. She was passionate about artists and their work, as well as Art History, yet she ignored her first love and studied economics and eventually became a primary school teacher. Education is another calling for her, and she worked to introduce children to the Fine Arts.
Over time, this passion ebbed, leaving the place for a late artistic awakening. She took a year of art training to acquire the basics of drawing and art history, and encouraged by her entourage and following the success of her first exhibitions, she decided to devote herself full-time to her art.
Annick is inspired by various themes from the 50’s and 60’s (comics, thrillers, advertising) that she knew when she was young and then rediscovered later. The Art Deco movement and Pop Art also serve as inspiration.
At first she worked with watercolours but soon realized that this technique did not suit her. She then began to collect papers from around the world during her travels and tried some test collages. After much searching through different techniques, collage won her over. She uses torn paper, eroding it with acid, then working it by drawing in oil pastels and finally acrylic paint. She covers the work with a layer of varnish applied by hand to fix the colour. These papers, rich with a first "life", now reveal a new image. Over time, Annick has developed a technique of weaving that allows her to mix and keep the different layers of paper. This pictorial language combines form and colour, giving relief and depth.
Annick’s artistic research consists of turning the paper from its primary function to reveal it in an artistic expression. She hopes her paintings give an insight into the world in which she lives.