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After studying graphic arts in Paris, K20 worked for several years as a graphic artist and as a textile designer. She was collaborating with a large Parisian fashion house when she was charged with imagining creations around the work of Matisse. This approach made her definitively switch her career to painting. Very quickly, she chose to dedicate her painting to the simplicity of form and its spatial distribution in the frame.
Based in Nice on the French Riviera, the French-Swiss artist considers the canvas to be a theatre where the subject is being depicted. Her work is therefore based on the implementation of objects out of their usual context. The figurative themes that she presents are therefore easily identifiable, but placed on abstract backgrounds. Thanks to this dramatic process, K20 transforms the perception of relationships between objects. Much like an actor, her subject is transformed and reveals his secrets at the discretion of the representation.
After an initial step of photographing her subjects, as a whole or in detail, K20 sits behind her computer. Each element of interest is isolated to be processed digitally. Then comes the stage of creation itself, the one where the artist uses her brushes and pencils. K20 then gives free rein to her personal interpretation. The background is first executed in acrylic in an abstract way. Then she inserts her subject into this environment, either by transfer or by direct collage, or even by reproducing it by hand. Finally, she intervenes with pencils, crayons, paint, cut-outs or extra collages to complete her work. Whatever the topic, fruits, stones or ancient sculptures, K20 works doggedly, on different variations. In this way she observes over time the appearance of tiny changes that reflect her own inner paths.