Clodine Colomer

When she was ten years old, Clodine’s father enrolled her in the local art school, and she has continued to paint with everything from oils to charcoal to watercolour and ink ever since. At 18, she met Pablo Picasso in Cannes by chance. Not hesitating to approach him, she expressed her desire to create and he dedicated a drawing to her, baptizing her, unawares, with her future artist name (Clodine instead of Claudine).
When it was time for her higher studies, she turned to the Fine Arts. After 5 years, she graduated with a degree in abstract printing, and became a Professor of Fine Arts. While teaching, she continued to create and exhibit in parallel.
Clodine painted in watercolour for many years before turning to oil applied with a knife in 2004. Playing with solid colours, the artist applies the paint according to her moods, with specific gestures. When travelling, Clodine wanders streets and roads and feeds on whatever moves her. She fills her sketchbook and adds annotations before regaining the calm of her workshop.
Her figurative paintings depict a particular sensitivity the landscapes of south-eastern France, and modernity and emotion as she escapes to Venice, Naples, Corsica, Paris and the French Riviera. Clodine’s art evolves and she peoples her paintings, at times with humour, with a gallery of characters captured on the spot (the "Papotes").
Everything is a source of inspiration for the artist: the city, nature, flowers, an attitude, graphics, a blend of colours ... She has only one goal: to paint for fun and pleasure.
Clodine now devotes herself exclusively to painting and exhibits her works in France and abroad.