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Eric Trichet

A self-taught artist, Eric has painted since he was a young boy, but his career choices took him away from his passion. He continued to create and exhibit in his spare time and in 2003 he left a long career in the luxury industry to devote himself entirely to his art. He has participated in numerous contemporary art exhibitions (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nimes...) and exhibits regularly in France and abroad.
Eric’s art is an eternal beginning. Material has an important place in his work; the artist likes to experiment with new techniques and new materials. He creates his colours from natural pigments. He tries, searches, and adapts his style during his pictorial experiences.
After having started with figuration, the artist embarked on abstraction. Long influenced by the art of Nicolas de Staël (French painter of Russian origin, twentieth century), Antoni Tàpies (Spanish painter, twentieth century), and Pierre Soulages (French painter), he now follows a more personal and committed artistic approach. He leaves dark tones behind, preferring bright colours, the white canvas becoming for him a place of expression and advocacy. His original compositions mix abstraction, figuration, texts, news images, photographs of personalities and ad slogans all within the same space. No detail is left to chance. Each colour, image or inscription participates in the overall consistency and supports the message. The different elements affixed to the canvas blend and complement each other.
Through his painting, Eric wishes to denounce the absurdity of the modern world and examine the place of man in his environment. He wants to provoke a reaction from the viewer. Major societal issues (poverty in developing countries, an excessive consumer society...) move him and are present in his colourful and dynamic works, which brim with life.

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