Ariane Conte

Originally from the Paris region, Ariane began her career in Provence, where she pursued her studies in graphic arts in Marseille. Initially a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, she then worked for many years as a person responsible for the management of a library/document centre, and presented and led many art workshops in various schools and associations.
Now established in the heart of the Tarn countryside in the Midi-Pyrénées region, this illustrator and artist has developed a unique artistic style, completely oriented towards nature and its relationship with living beings. Ariane likes to think “all things, plants, animals, humans, elements and materials are connected and discuss together”. This conviction is found at the centre of her artistic reflection and practice. She draws timeless stories with unlimited borders –powerfully steeped in oriental iconography – that summarise meetings and exchanges between beings and things in nature in a poetic way.
Placing herself deliberately outside all categorisation, the artist does not define herself by a technique or a support. The subject represented, the theme approached is thought in keeping with her support, and the technique to be used completes the ensemble with coherence and harmony. Respecting materials, Ariane works on each piece, considering the individual characteristics of all the elements that make it up – essentially from random recovery of finds. As such, she “chooses glass etching to talk about the cold, decayed wood to pay homage to the shipwrecked and coloured paper to talk about a child”.