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Gisele Contino

Gisele was born and raised in Marseille in a family of artists. Her mother, a singer, gave her a taste for the arts and emotional expression. As a child, she showed great aptitude for sport and had a passion for basketball.
She became a professional sports woman and for several years abandoned the prospect of an artistic career, only to later think about it again. Gisele’s sports career began to slow down and finally she took the time to listen to the flood of creation that lives within her.
She started by purchasing material to give painting a try. The first results were satisfactory and encouraged her to persevere in this direction. Gisele decided to work on her technique by herself and through following the teaching at the Marquet painting and sculpture workshop for 5 years.
A ‘Marseillaise’ forever, and proud of it, Gisele was captivated by the figurative expression of Provence and this pictorial movement naturally imposed itself on her. She chooses to work oil paint with a knife; the oil allowing her to work on the material and to add to the nuances of light and colour, playing with shapes and volumes, the knife necessary to give free rein to her artistic instinct. This tool allows her to play on the definition of forms and to open the figurative representation to a more dreamlike blur.
Naturally, Gisele chooses to depict the landscapes that have accompanied her throughout her life. Ingrained in the soil, she is a regional artist and wants to share her roots, providing the viewer the same feelings she experiences while admiring her native Provence. This is why she endeavours to stay true to these colourful, light-flooded landscapes.