Isabelle Corcket

At age 12, Isabelle’s uncle gave her a box of paints, and she knew right away that she wanted to study at an art school. Encouraged by one of her teachers, at 15 she eventually joined the School of Applied Arts in Paris. After graduating, she worked as an interior designer for ten years for agencies and on her own.
During her holidays in Provence, Isabelle discovered the light and colours of the sunset and felt the need to give form to her feelings. She discovered watercolour and its ‘living’ expression. This technique allowed her to freeze fleeting moments, a medium which fits perfectly with her noticeably artistic moods. She worked with passion and great pleasure and finally decided to make it her career.
Isabelle’s favourite subjects are cities, daily moods, forgotten moments. Through her watercolours, the artist likes to share small moments of every day life. The message is simple: keep your heart open to this part of childhood that everyone carries within him. Because of her architect’s training, she knows how to observe and contemplate beauties often ignored. Her artistic research always leads her on a quest into unknown territories.
Isabelle finds in watercolours the timeless feeling of the moment. The permanent osmosis between pigments and water is a constraint as well as a challenge. The themes of her works are only pretexts to reveal her personality and sensitivity. She also works with a ballpoint pen, gouache and ink, thus providing transparency and spontaneity, liveliness and control to her architectures.
As a member of the French Watercolour Society, Isabelle likes to meet other technical and artistic approaches. This exchange feeds her thinking and constant search for new inspiration. A professional artist for 10 years now, Isabelle teaches in various associations.