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Originally from the city of Aveiro in Portugal, Paulo Humberto, also known as D.A.T. (DIE.as.TRASH), was educated by following a course in graphic arts at university. Once he had graduated, he left to set himself up for a while in Barcelona to develop his art there: which led him notably to take elements from street art to introduce them in his graphic compositions. At first, he worked as a VJ (video jockey), by producing projected works mixing videos and illustrations.
Continually looking to intensify his technique and diversify his creations, D.A.T. began his artistic work by resorting to stencil and collage techniques, then exploring further towards painting on mixed supports. Mainly produced from painted drawings, the artist inserts into his compositions inscriptions and collages, as well as all types of materials collected then recycled, like pieces of industrial rubbish recovered in the street.
Feeling very affected by all of his subjects related to poverty and social injustice, D.A.T. conceives strong and committed figurative works – personal critiques of modern society and its deviances – whose main subject is the human being, all ages and genders inclusive. Both his lifestyle and his lived experiences, and his surrounding environment influence his work and his creations. What counts for the artist is not to follow an already established protocol that was fixed, but to feel things in the moment, by always creating in a different way, so that each work is in some form a rebirth, a new artistic experiment.