Begona De Erausquin

Begoña spent her childhood among the coffee beans of her father, who was a coffee trader in Barcelona. From a young age she discovered a passion for drawing and would sneak off to the School of Fine Arts to take courses as an independent until she was old enough to attend the university officially.
While studying art, she also practised her other passion, dance. She became a member of the Ramon Solé Dance Company (contemporary ballet). But when it came to begin touring, she could no longer reconcile the two and had to choose. It was impossible for her to give up painting and so she decided to devote herself to art. Begoña completed her training by observing numerous painters and by attending live model classes.
She researched and studied materials as much as techniques. After many years using oil paints she gradually integrated acrylics to obtain other effects. This experience opened the door to a multitude of possibilities: mixed media, watercolours, wax, ink, walnut juice, collage, etc, and she acquired different textures and materials.
Colour remained a central theme for the artist and is why she has a particular interest for the Fauvist masters (André Derain, Raoul Dufy, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso).
Begoña draws her inspiration from the atmosphere of cities such as Barcelona and Paris; she watches people going by, their clothes, their gestures, their attitudes… She has kept her taste for cafés from her childhood and gobbles them up as if they were urban theatres. Her ideal observation point is among the terraces of cafés where families, colleagues and friends meet together in joyous tumult. Her paintings convey the movement and colour of these stolen moments.
For years she painted in situ. She would set up in the streets, exactly at the place that she wished to paint. Now however she paints in her studio in order to have access to her notes, photos and ideas.