Nadine was born in a small village in the Aveyron region, and began drawing and creating at a very early age. In 1974, she entered the School of Fine Arts in Sète (in the same class as the painter Combas), and then continued her training at the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse from 1975 to 1978. She had several careers, including working in the hospitality industry for a decade. Open and generous, she now works with her husband, helping children in difficulties. This activity leaves her time to pursue her passion.
She has exhibited in various locations across France since 2003. In 2005, she was selected with four other artists to represent France in Nagoya, Japan. Five years later, she received a commission from the Jean Boudou Museum in Naucelle.
Attracted to textiles, she has developed a personal technique using felt, a recomposed material rarely used by artists. Nadine appreciates the raw feeling and its pliability. She uses various forms in 2D and 3D, flat or voluminous.
A unique artist, her style is like no other. She creates portraits based on various elements merged with felt for its warmth. Then she sculpts the surface to make the material emerge. She lets chance do its work, and "creates" a shape. She highlights the face obtained with whatever she has at hand, pastels or a few stitches...
The face as a theatre of emotions fascinates her. A smile, wrinkles, circles under the eyes are all as many clues that betray a feeling or show expression. A search for simplicity guides her artistic approach. She appreciates art brut and minimalist art for their purity. To reach the essential, she does not hesitate to challenge and push the limits. Nadine sees art as a mirror of the soul. Through her work, she enjoys making different emotions emerge, from one person to another. Her stylized portraits evoke the viewer's imagination by transporting him to a dreamlike world.