Nicole Decote

Nicole Decote has thoroughly explored all painting genres. Having followed lessons at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nancy, the artist perfected herself in several workshops, thus practising with still life, landscapes, portraits, geometric abstraction, hyperrealism or abstract expressionism.
Heavily “in tune” with what she saw, she developed a rigorous and generous practice, testifying to her desire to transmit the pleasure of seeing and feeling to her public. The “Caribbean blue” that inspired the artist during her stay in Martinique and the intense tones of the sea and the sky became the first material of a practice that unites dexterity with the hand, the command of gestures and the intuitive confidence of the artist with chance.
Refusing to follow a precise direction and force her practice, Nicole Decote nourishes compositions that range from abstraction to the representation of more familiar forms, subtle ranges of colour bound to variations and sustained colour contrasts.
The coloured marks that therefore emerge from her creations are the result of observing the world and a sensitive experience. Like the French painter Pierre Soulages, who the artist admires profoundly, her paintings are the space where the unexpected takes shape: “I always start off with an idea in my head, but what is sketched on the canvas leads me elsewhere (…) It is what I do that teaches me what I am looking for.” (Pierre Soulages)