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Jean-Charles Decoudun

As a child, Jean-Charles had a passion for comic books and The Adventures of Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Blake & Mortimer are old friends. Despite a father and a grandfather who were artists, he had no interest in painting at that time. He preferred illustrations that allowed him to escape. Only at the age of 25 did he discover by chance the work of the painter Pierre Bonnard, and the work of this artist immediately encouraged him to start painting.
Jean-Charles began learning painting techniques on his own, painting during the day and moving from restaurant to restaurant in the evening to sell his works. He experimented with different techniques and created his own artistic language, resulting in a perfect synthesis of his love of illustration and his late discovery of painting through his work with watercolours.
Later, he joined forces with an artist friend and shared a studio in the Batignolles quarter in Paris. Their exhibitions were successful and pushed Jean-Charles to exhibit in other cities in order to be noticed by Parisian galleries.
Fascinated by pedestrian streets and squares, churches and covered markets, in fact, with everyday life, Jean-Charles uses watercolours to paint these scenes of life. The artist observes and notes that people are attracted to these places of daily scenes and enjoys painting their squares, cafés and streets. The subjects of his paintings are, in his eyes, the true creators. For Jean-Charles, places and the people that inhabit them create the scene as he will depict it. The artist captures the moment in order to pass this simple happiness on to others. Jean-Charles’ watercolours are for those who take the time to watch and enjoy.
His painting is in the tradition of the Montmartre painters and is inspired by this mythical place, both Paris capital and village.

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  • Jean-Charles Decoudun
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