Kali Dennis

From an early age, Kali drew instinctively. She was passionate about the arts: anything in the domain of expression; music, theatre, dance, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry and the world of botany and plants were all areas of inspiration. She studied literature at university and took courses in Fine Arts.
Kali is not inspired by just anything. It is a set of forms that creates a desire in her and that leads to creation. It could be a staging of characters, a portrait or even a distancing from reality.
The key is to make something that is not within the scope of explanation, but that of feeling. Everything is in expression and the game of chance that it brings.
Painting is like a relay for the artist, she tries to make the things that affect her immortal. Kali does not use seduction, but rather truth. She expresses in her canvases all of her personality, her uniqueness, and above all, her humour.
She develops her paints herself, using pigments in powder form that she dilutes with a binder, using brushes and then sketching out her work by scraping the fresh paint. This technique allows her to create her own colours and materials. The rest of the picture takes shape through touches and patches of juxtaposed colours.
Kali offers to stage life. The characters make up a painting and then appear in another like actors. She takes pleasure in their surprises.
She brings out emotions through shapes, gestures and colours. She does not always know where a work is leading her and she loves to get lost in the painting.
For Kali, it's almost a golden rule to forget herself in her painting.