Bernard Devie

Bernard spent his childhood in Paris and at the age of 12 was already passionate about painting and artistic creation when he began to teach himself to paint.
After high school, he attended a school of architecture in Paris. He continued his art in parallel and took courses in sculpture and design. Bernard wanted to expand his skills, and at 22 he attended an introductory class on ceramics in Grenoble.
A painter, ceramicist and teacher, Bernard settled down for several years in the Isere. He moved to Lyon 20 years later to devote himself entirely to his first love: painting. Themes such as the local vineyards of Burgundy inspired him. Creole markets and the sugarcane plantations in the Caribbean were also sources of inspiration. He began exhibiting in mainland France and its overseas territories (Antilles, Guadeloupe ...).
In 2000, a trip to Mexico inspired him to discover the technique of relief. The same year he readjusted his artistic process into an amalgam of ancient, Aztec and abstract art. Bernard chose to combine the techniques of painting and sculpting. He first uses an acrylic coating in which he can carve his drawings and leave tracks and footprints. The relief is then covered with several layers of acrylic paint and varnish. He gilds some surfaces with sheets of copper or aluminium.
At first, the artist was inspired by ethnological themes (Aztec, Phoenician, Assyrian, Egyptian...), but then he turned to more contemporary living subjects (musicians, walkers, dancers ...) and a more abstract style. The painter Paul Klee (expressionist, surrealist, nineteenth and twentieth centuries) influences and guides him in this development.

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