Anna Maria Diaz Perez

Ana Maria was born in Brazil to Spanish parents, returning to live in Barcelona when she was five years old. By chance, they moved in just across from the house of the Catalan painter Joan Abelló. This artistic neighbour would go on to mark Ana María’s childhood forever. The artist introduced her to painting and became her mentor. Inspired by this man, she turned to an artistic career, starting with ceramics. She joined the School of Fine Arts, specializing in bronze casting. Meanwhile, the university where she studied organized numerous trips (Florence, Rome, London, New York, Budapest, Prague, Paris), accompanied by Art History teachers. During this period, she continued to paint and study the great masters in museums and private collections.
For 10 years Ana Maria taught art to children of all ages, years that were very enriching for her. Later Ana María began pursuing other projects and her multidisciplinary background allowed her to express her creativity in public spaces in different countries (lobby decoration of hotels in Spain, Canada, Italy and Uruguay). This form of expression opened up a world of unimagined possibilities and taught her a great deal.
The pictorial work of Ana Maria reflects her passion for architecture. Always looking for new materials, she portrays the cities she has visited during her travels. Through the filter of her imagination (a realistic or futuristic prism), Ana María transforms what she sees into a world of colour and abstraction.
For her, collage is the most effective technique to create the effect of construction from earth to heaven. The colour is a result of stacks of papers and materials found in every city she has visited. To reproduce the natural light from heaven, she uses gold and silver leaf.
Ana María’s universe is a concept of a fusion of all the techniques she has learned. She has developed a new way of looking at the city and its elements; a concentration of emotions and sensations.

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