Dina grew up in Romania and showed a genuine talent for drawing at an early age. She studied first at the School of Fine Arts and then at the National Fine Arts University. During a stay in France, she fell in love with La Rochelle and left her homeland and to settle in the region, where her work soon attracted attention. An English publisher discovered her and she began illustrating children's books along with her activity as a painter.
Dina creates worlds as flamboyant as the red she loves to use for her surreal characters and unique landscapes. Her creations are a reflection of an imaginary world, where fun and a colourful sense of humour is often present. This universe is related to the memories of her happy childhood.
The artist uses different techniques: oil, acrylic, collage, Chinese ink and watercolour. Her taste for diversity and travel has led her to collect all kinds of salvaged items and to keep records of all her ideas. In due course these objects and ideas find a place in her work.
This mixture of techniques is used to produce different effects and textures. Scraping, drawing, painting, mixing paint with sand and adding fabric; all this gives a richness to her work.
Dina's characters dominate the surface of the canvas in compositions of motion. The background consists of a collage made with pieces of road maps and train metro, bus or plane tickets. The collage gives the impression of a single map showing towns like Venice, Las Vegas, Verona, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Capri ... and a velvety red is spread generously on the paintings, speaking to the roots of the artist as an integral part of her work.
Dina conveys a message of optimism through her flourishing characters.