At the beginning of the eighties Dimitris Voyiazoglou formed an intense relationship with painting that he has never broken off. Portraits, landscapes, blue waters, cliffs, urban areas and everyday objects, all subjects of reality are transcended by the pictorial form and transformed in dabs of colour by the movements of the brush.
After a trip to the United States, during which the artist pursued his studies in chemistry, he permanently moved to La Hague in Holland, where he developed a lively interest in Dutch painting. His evening courses introduced him to a new painting genre: landscapes and still life. Becoming increasingly interested in painting outside, his canvases began to take on an impressionist allure, flirting occasionally with abstraction.
Dimitris Voyiazoglou mixing the colours with the adeptness of an alchemist and his’s oils, pastels and acrylics experiment with the richness of the nuances within the palette: in the light of changing nature and a fading sun, of moving water, a reddening reflection. He switches to and from painting outside and in his studio and reworks, sometimes majorly, his attempts that have been furtively captured whilst out on a walk/stroll. A great admirer of Monet, he devotes himself to variations on the same subject matter or on the same part of nature seen in different lighting and at different times.
He has chosen water, with its transparence and luminosity, as the element to portray. The sea, rivers, lakes and the elements which surround them - bridges, boats, ports, and shores - are to these paintings what the Sainte-Victoire Mountain was to Cezanne: the subject of infinite contemplation.