Claire Donjerkovic

Set up in Beaumont de Pertuis in the Vaucluse, this self-taught painter-artist, for whom “painting never seemed an evidence [to her]”, has occupied herself with artistic creation for more than fifteen years now. As keen a photographer asa painter, her compositions are strongly marked by these two tightly interwoven artistic worlds - sometimes one taking from the other and vice versa – influencing the final production. Thus, Claire would resort to wash drawing to give her support the appearance, the finish of an old photograph.
Taking inspiration from the environment surrounding her to create works that tend to “make beauty perceptible” in places that at first seem to be devoid of it; it is in the agitation of megalopolises, the dilapidation of industrial plants or the architecture of motorway axes that the artist’s work draws its origins. Using photographic fragments that she arranges, superimposes and then partially covers with acrylic paint, nut husk or asphalt, the artist rethinks and redraws the urban space.
From these contemporary heritages, sometimes heavily altered and decrepit, Claire endeavours to uncover the perennial memory and report the aesthetic that can survive there. Produced on canvas, cardboard, wood or paper then built up with many typographic characters, Claire’s works recover urban codes to report on our modern reality. Equipped with a sensitivity almost picking up from melancholy, her works oscillate between poetry and narration to lead us to the heart of the imperceptible; this emotion that can only emerge when we look at the deepest level of the subject, to reveal the essence in it.