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Christine Dubos

Christine was born and raised in the suburbs of Bordeaux. After obtaining a degree in Fine Arts, she travelled around the world for several years (Latin America, Europe, Asia). Her one-year stay in Mexico was instrumental in her artistic career. In the highlands of the quasi-desert region of San Luis Potosi, she applied herself fervently to art. She drew and painted in the form of travel diaries. The artist was passionate about pre-Columbian art and the Popol Vuh (Mayan mythological text). The discovery of that culture led her to look more closely at signs and calligraphy, an important component of her works. She has exhibited since 1997. In 2006, she trained as a fine arts teacher (ICSC) at the Graduate School of Art and Design in Amiens (ESAD). Christine lives and works in Bordeaux. Open to others, she enjoys sharing her knowledge, and introduces children to art in workshops and participates in various cultural projects.
The artist mixes several techniques on canvas (painting, drawing, ink, pastel, collage...). Sound plays an important role in her creative process. She works to music, changing style in depending on her mood (Cuban music, reggae, garage rock, ska). Several of her works refer to her favourite songs.
Christine favours spontaneity and chance, and likes to play with opposites. Most of her compositions are born from a game of chance (a fortuitous mixture of colour, the impact of a stroke or a gesture, a failed picture). Her art is all suggestion and ambiguity. The artist paints the diversity of life (people, animals, cityscapes...) focusing on the vibrations of colour. She turns her work into visual narratives.
Rich and lively, her paintings offer the viewer many stories to tell, with colourful writing and improbable landscapes: "words mingle with signs, signals, codes, the call of the street: the world falls apart, moves, rebuilds itself, adventure is at hand ..."