Adrien Faveau

We often tend to associate beauty with rarity and ephemerality. On the contrary, Adrien Faveau constructs his aesthetic and pictorial world from what surrounds us, our daily environment, the objects with which we live, the landscapes that pass before our eyes every day, the urban furniture that we touch and on which we sit, the queues of cars at a stand still in a traffic jam, the buildings that are chained together, the hurried passers-by, the traffic lights, the information signs, the street lighting, everything that becomes tame to us in the end and that we no longer take the time to see.
All of these forms are fundamental observation objects for the artist. They symbolise the movement and the displacement of light. Associated with a sunset, a shower or grey weather, these elements that side by side constitute the pictorial composition, are changed in their tones, their brightness and their reflection. They get darker or brighten up and thus keep alive certain classical aesthetic criteria associated with painting.
The large metropolises of San Francisco and New York become the sources of inspiration for an abundant painting, which uses material itself as a marker of time. Scratching, scraping and sometimes applying certain solvents to the oil painting to give it the appearance of natural wear, the artist thus produces with his actions rain that falls and washes out and sun that blinds. The wood support allows him to have a smooth surface suitable for a multitude of effects and change the piece in order to give the urban landscape a new face, one of time and nostalgia.